Sweater Weather: The 2014 Fall Fashion Preview

The Chocolate Bar has been serving pumpkin spice lattes for a little while now, but on Tuesday, it became official: the fall season has begun. Aside from pumpkin spice, apple picking, Instagrams of colorful foliage, and more pumpkin spice, the cooler weather adds new flavor to campus style. As temps start to drop, students are layering up—and fully embracing the sweater weather. In honor of the autumnal arrival, The Scene showcases the various stylings of Boston College students, and their own unique takes on the fall fashion scene.

Playing with texture

This season, it’s all about texture. The high-waisted shorts of summer are being traded for printed pants, knitted tights, and colorful pants and leggings. Guys and girls alike are breaking out the flannels, wrapping up in chunky sweaters, and mixing textiles in their outerwear. Lace and leather? Flowy cottons and structured denim? Any combination is fair game.

Julia Hirsch, A&S ’15 | Scarsdale, NY

julia real

“I like organic fashion—going with the elements. The change of colors should be expressed on your body. What you wear on your body should be an expression of who you are because it’s the way you clothe yourself and tell the world a little bit about your personality.”

Cathryn Woodruff, A&S ’15 | Rye, New York


“To be honest, this outfit is kind of like pajamas, and really comfortable, and I’m all about comfort. Flowy and fun. I kinda feel like going to bed right now and I’m really into it.”

Happiness starts at the feet

As it starts to get chilly, students will have to abandon their summer sandals and Sperrys and pull out their fall boots. We’re seeing Timbs, combat boots, knee-high riding boots, and stylish booties to accompany the dressier looks. Thankfully, a Bean Boot has yet to be spotted. Hopefully we haven’t spoken too soon.

Alex Gaynor, A&S ’15 | Nutley, NJ


“Scarves are important—I like to wear them on my head. They keep it warm. It’s just one of those funny things I like to do and make other people do, too.”


Fall may arguably be the best time to experiment with accessories—from light scarves and layered necklaces to matching belts and handbags. Vests are popping up everywhere, and students are donning more than just the everyday baseball cap. We’ve also seen an impressive amount of color coordination—perhaps the changing leaves are inspiring bolder color choices. Let’s hope the brightness doesn’t fade once September ends.

Alan Lipchin, CSOM ’15 | Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts


“For pants I like wearing khakis and cords … I’m not a big jeans person. I never found them comfortable. People think I dress up too nice for BC, and I guess it’s true.”

Maakeda Sinclair, CSOM ’17 | Brooklyn, New York & Alex Ojugbeli, A&S ’17 | Syracuse, New York & Yahya Saleh, A&S ’17 | Harlem, New York


“I’m a fan of the big, ugly Christmas sweaters. I will wear those as soon as it’s just a little nippy out.”

Xirong Lin, GA&S 1st Year Ph.D. Program | Fuzhou, China


“In China, people wear more clothes in the fall because the fall is very short. People also like to wear the stockings in fall. There’s not very much time for us to wear fall clothes. They wear trousers.”

Christina Freitas, GA&S ’16 | Woburn, Massachusetts


“Jackets are a big thing.”

Collin Pratt, A&S ’17 | St. Louis, Missouri


“I like to have an organized fashion schedule, so I like to wear a ties and something nice on Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesdays, I’m in ROTC, so I wear my uniform. Thursdays, I wear Support Love, since I’m in GLC, and then Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays are free days, so I get to wear whatever.”

 Sweaters are just better

Breaking the Boston wind can be a challenge, but what first seems an obstacle of high fashion in actuality can lend itself to it. A broad, hideous, and strangely collared sweater collection is a must here at BC. The more it smells like mothballs, the more respect you’ll be earning as you itch your way through autumn. If your favorite sweater isn’t plastered to your skin by the end of the season, you’re doing it wrong.

John Lamoureux, A&S ‘16 | Tampa, Florida


“Who cares? It’s just fashion.”

Andrew Heimerman, A&S ’18 | Appleton, Wisconsin


“What’s your favorite color?”

“Definitely orange.”

Annalise Deal, A&S ’18 | Atherton, California


“I already get cold at night, and it’s only like 40, but that’s as cold as it ever gets in California.”

Correction: July 5, 2015
This post has been updated.

This story was a collaboration between Arts Editors John Wiley, Ariana Igneri, and Michelle Tomassi.

Images by John Wiley / Heights Editor.

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