How To Spend Your Bye Week

Well, there’s no Boston College football this week. That’s a bummer. How are you going to get through your weekend? We’re glad you asked. Connor Mellas and Austin Tedesco offer some unsolicited advice that definitely doesn’t apply to specific people. Nope, not at all.

  • Join Don Brown on a scenic and relaxing New Hampshire foliage hike.
Graham Beck / Heights Senior Staff
Graham Beck / Heights Senior Staff
  • Get in a few games of Madden. Delete all the passing plays first.
  • Update your resume. While you’re on your computer, check housing prices near Ann Arbor and Gainesville. You know, just for kicks.
  • Rewatch tape of the USC game and see if you can spot No. 6. Reintroduce yourself and let him know you missed him and you’re sorry about whatever you did to him last week.
  • Find out if there are any of those darn Coinstars nearby. Look up new motivational metaphors that don’t cost more than $1.

  • Check Mary Ann’s to see if Johnny is still there or if he’s finally shipped up to Calgary.
  • See if EA Sports finally added Kevin Hayes to NHL 15 and start a career mode with the superline in Calgary.
  • Stop giving Andre Williams 50 carries a game in Madden 15, he’s going to die.
  • Consider the ethical, moral, and safety implications of Steve Santini’s second season in Hockey East. We present the following two clips as fair warning to the rest of the conference:

Sep 30, 2014 18:56

Sep 30, 2014 18:561

  • Stand in front of your bathroom mirror practicing your sieve chant. Hockey is almost here.
  • Channel your inner Tyler Murphy and go read option in the dining hall, just commit to the shortest line. Or hand your ID off to your friend and make them bring you back food.
  • Remind yourself that BC still has a men’s basketball team. That’s all you have to do. We’re going to ease you into this season. Remember this?


  • Enjoy this Indian Summer by taking a nap in the Quad before the weather undoubtedly plunges 40 degrees in a week or two.
  • Find a Heights Sports Editor or former Sports Editor in the dining hall and offer to buy him lunch with your meal plan. They’re hungry and tired and have provided you with quality content like this on empty stomachs.

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