Watch: The Bostonians Perform Sunday Night Football Theme At Quincy Market

The Bostonians of Boston College scored some good publicity for the NFL on Saturday. The a cappella group was featured in a “surprise” performance in front of NBC’s Sunday Night Football Bus at Quincy Market—making for some of the best PR professional football has gotten in recent weeks. The bus has been in Boston since the beginning of the weekend to get fans ready for tonight’s game between the Patriots and Bengals at Gillette Stadium.

Was it staged? Perhaps. After a few students began to sing and play guitar, the bus’s crew initially tried to push them away. The crowd objected and chanted, “Let them play,” and ultimately, the crew allowed the impromptu a cappella show to go on, incidentally in front of a giant advertisement for Sunday Night Football and a professional video crew. Additional group members quickly filled in before all of The Bostonians burst into an energetic rendition of the Sunday Night Football theme.

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