Name Change Ushers In New Phase For BC EMTs

It could be argued that the most significant turn in the extensive history of the EMS service at Boston College was in 2012, when the organization received a class five, non-transporting ambulance. What was an informal group of undergraduates working on a small scale with few supplies when Eagle EMS (EEMS) was founded in 1997 is now a professionally run organization with over 100 members and about 20 officers. Since receiving that ambulance, it has expanded its coverage of events and has begun covering weekend nights on campus. Now, the volunteer-run organization is changing its name from “Eagle EMS” to “Boston College EMS,” effective Nov. 9.

This change is an encouraging representation of another phase in the group’s evolution. When working with outside groups—such as the Newton and Boston EMS, Armstrong Ambulance, and other area paramedics—BC EMTs will be represented more professionally and be more recognizable. Due to the expansion of its coverage, EEMS now interacts with more outside groups with than ever before, according to Kristen DiBlasi, president of EEMS and A&S ’15.

Another consideration that led to the name change was how the group is received in conferences and meetings with other university EMS groups. DiBlasi said that the name change is more in line with the naming conventions of other groups, which use their universities’ names in their titles.

Most importantly, this will make the group sound more professional, reflecting the overwhelmingly positive transformation that the group has undergone. The students have performed a great service to the University in the past, continue to do so now, and are richly deserving of this recognition.

Featured Image by Andrew Skaras / Heights Editor

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