Watch: The Ultimate Dude (And Dudette) Guide To New York City

Michael Sullivan: Ahh, nothing like getting home to see Boston College take on Penn State right on the home turf at Yankee Stadium.

Jack Stedman: Won’t you burn up when you step foot inside there?

Michael Sullivan: My Mets fandom aside, it certainly beats a lot of places we could’ve ended up.

Tom DeVoto: That’s right. No one wants to end up having to figure out all of the sights and sounds of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Michael Sullivan: Whether you’re a dude or a dudette, make sure to take these key words of advice from the Sports Guys on how to survive the Pinstripe Bowl this winter break.

Here are a few things you can do on your long holiday break at each of the places Coach Addazio mentioned:

Dude-pire State Building: Rumor has it if you visit the top, Coach Addazio anoints you a new member of the Order of Dudes. This honor should not be taken lightly.

dude-pire state building

Dude-enheim Museum: Along its walls hang great paintings of dudes past, such as Matt Ryan and Luke Kuechly. In these vaunted halls is where Coach filmed his now famous vines.

Dude-tue of Liberty: The crown jewel of Dude-rty Island is a symbol of every American’s freedom to pursue being a #dude.

Dude-afeller Center: Learn how to ice skate with the biggest dudettes on campus—the undefeated women’s hockey team—or talk to BC Alum turned NBC Star Amy Poehler on her Masters of Sex degree.

Dude Square: Skillfully avoid tourists, horrendous traffic, and people begging for money in ratty Sesame Street costumes while Coach Addazio watches your every move from an above billboard screen.

dude square

But that’s not all! There are plenty of other spots in New York that Coach forgot to mention, such as:

Dude-tral Park: Even an ultimate #DUDE needs some relaxation time. Take a slow, peaceful stroll through the park to reconnect yourself with nature before gametime.

Grand Dude-tral Terminal: Because there’s only one thing cooler than watching the Eagles run train on the Nittany Lions: an actual train.


Dude City Music Hall: Two worlds collide as BC’s vaunted offensive line joins the world-famous Rockettes in the Annual Christmas Spectacular.

Dude-way: This may come as a surprise, but only the REALEST Dudes and Dudettes sing and dance to showtunes. How do you think BC’s running backs have such nimble feet?


Featured Image Courtesy of BC Athletics

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