How To Weather The Bridge To Fall Fashion

I woke up this morning at 8:45 a.m.—15 minutes before I had to be in Gasson for my 9 a.m. In a haze, I threw on leggings, a long-sleeve Nike dri-Fit, sneakers, and after consulting my weather app and seeing it was a brisk 60 degrees outside, grabbed a raincoat (it wasn’t even raining?). By 11 a.m., the strong mid-morning sun proved much too hot for my shirt-and-unnecessary-raincoat combo, forcing me to make the trek back to my room at noon to change into a much more reasonable tank. By the late evening, however, it was now a chilly 61 degrees and I found myself regretting the lost raincoat. This is the dilemma of the summer-fall limbo.

These are confusing times. It’s nearly the close of September—it should be about time for us all to formally say our goodbyes to the days of summer and embrace the onset of fall in all of its pumpkin-flavored glory. Wednesday marked the autumnal equinox, and with it, the official start of fall—except it’s not that easy. Step outside between the hours 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Summer is still there—hanging in the heat and humidity of the air, lingering. Summer is the guy who stays too long after the party is over, and fall is the guy hosting the party. Party’s over, Summer. Go home, Summer, you’re drunk.

Eventually, Summer does go home—usually as the clock strikes 7 p.m. Just when you were starting to warm up to him, Summer leaves this seasonal party, and the air becomes cooler, more brisk. This strange amalgamation of seasons and temperatures and humidity leaves us all a little confused, at least sartorially. It doesn’t quite feel like fall yet, but summer is definitely over—where does that leave us, and most importantly, how does that leave our closets?

This time of seasonal transition and sartorial confusion makes for a very entertaining walk around campus—the temperature clash makes for an interesting juxtaposition of outfits. It’s clear who is ready for this seasonal transition, and who is not: there are those who are embracing fall with open arms, with scarves on their necks and pumpkin-spiced lattes in hand, and those who are still holding on to the final strands of summer, refusing to pack away the shorts. Within one group of people, it is not uncommon to see one friend wearing a sundress and sandals, another friend wearing corduroys and riding boots, and a third opting out of this whole dilemma with some athleisure (my outfit of choice today).

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of seasonal dressing, it’s probably best to shoot for somewhere in the middle. Sandals seem a bit passe, riding boots premature—maybe go for some ankle boots, or loafers. Layers are also a good option when dealing with fluctuating temperatures. There is really no one right way to go about this situation, I think, so get creative. Sweaters with skirts, dresses with light jackets, shorts with pullovers—anything goes in this seasonal limbo. And, according to, this in-between season is going nowhere: Thursday’s forecast has a high of 72 and a low of 53. Best of luck out there.

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