‘Pops’ Lights Up With Talent, Record High Funds Raised

The 23rd annual Pops on The Heights entertained parents, students, and alumni this past Friday with a variety of talent including the Screaming Eagles Marching Band, Boston Pops, and the University Chorale. Pops on The Heights is the University’s largest annual fundraiser, and this year set a record for funds raised: $7.5 million that will be distributed to 275 Pops Scholarship recipients.

With its variety of performers tackling a distinct spectrum of music from Les Miserables to Led Zeppelin, Pops on The Heights’ entertainment value does not disappoint. Especially with the Boston Calling Music Festival taking place the same weekend, featuring its own plethora of talent including Alt-J and The Avett Brothers, it’s important for Pops on The Heights to continue its relevance for the younger and older crowd alike by keeping things fresh.

This being said, it would be nice to see the concert utilize more BC student performers and not rely so heavily on headliners who are not widely known. This was the case this year with guest performers Darlene Love, Lisa Fischer and Judith Hill, and last year, with guest Chris Isaak. While these artists were generally entertaining, the largest cheers came for Liz McGovern, MCAS ’18, following her rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” during Friday’s show. Similar accolades were in store for Caroline Portu, MCAS ’16, when she performed with the Pops last year. The show benefits from a headliner such as Harry Connick, Jr.—who performed for Pops on the Heights in 2012—yet the show stalled substantially on Friday when the guest performers took the stage. In planning BC’s biggest annual fundraiser, ‘Pops’ organizers should take the opportunity to show off some of the University’s talent, and work to bring in more notable special guests with higher audience recognition.

This is a relatively minor complaint, however, compared to the continued overall success of Pops on the Heights. An event with the glamour to match its important purpose, we look forward to ‘Pops’ setting a new record next year, and for the Parent’s Weekend staple to continue its fundraising success.

Featured Image by Josh Mentzer / Heights Photo


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