Fall Survival Guide: Go Big And Fuzzy Or Go Home

Although the weather still insists on being bipolar, the cold air is just around the corner. As some of us flock home this Columbus Day weekend, it’s time to switch out our jean shorts and flip flops for something a little more fall appropriate. Though parting with our warm weather clothes may be a tearful goodbye, don’t forget to pack these fall necessities alongside your favorite Patagonia vest and riding boots.

The Blanket Scarf

Blanket Scarf_online

As the temperatures dip lower and lower, scarves should be growing larger. If you aren’t a fan of turtle-necks, which can grow annoying and uncomfortable during long lectures, a blanket scarf is the perfect alternative. You are protected from the cold sharp air while walking outside, and if you need need to catch some z’s in between class, you’ve got yourself an on-the-go blanket. These extra large scarves can be difficult to tie, but Boston fashion blogger Jean demonstrates how to wear them in her video “How to Style/Tie a Blanket Scarf.”


Knit Sweaters

Knit Sweater_online

Some people may think oversized knit sweaters scream winter instead of fall, but sweaters need to be accompanied by a parka and seven more layers to stay warm here on the East Coast. Fall is kind enough to let us get away with just an oversized knit sweater, making jackets optional for the day. They are thick enough to shield you from the shivering winds, and comfy enough to keep you awake (or actually the opposite) during your 8ams. Plus, they don’t shed, unlike mohair and angora sweaters (a.k.a. fuzzy sweaters). So, you don’t have to worry about walking around with mysterious lint all over your pants.


Rain Gear

Rain Wear_online

Although this next week appears to be blue skies and mild temperatures, the coastal fallout of Hurricane Joaquin has taught us the hard way that we need to be prepared for rain this fall. I made the mistake of wearing maroon jeans during the last torrential downpour, and by the end of the day my legs looked sun-burnt. A piece of advice, invest in rain gear that won’t leave you soaked. And if you don’t want to go full out rain poncho, although with Hurricane Joaquin that seems like a tempting idea, a rain jacket that covers your butt and has a hood will do the trick. Last week, I thought I could get away without a hood if I used an umbrella, but the wind and my umbrella did not get along. Long story short, the wind won and I no longer have an umbrella.


As the buses turn into boats, waterproof footwear is a necessity for trudging through through the mini bodies of water that occasionally form. Ankle boots will just fill up like a bucket of water, and converse won’t make it through the storm alive, so taller rain boots are ideal for the very temperamental rain.

Though these clothing items are not the only things you will need, they will definitely help you survive this season, and you’ll look pretty fashionable doing it. Oversized everything is in right now: sweaters, scarves, you name it. Beauty may be painful, but comfort will never be out of style.

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Photos by Pinterest, Happily Grey, and makelifeeasier.pl