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Happy No Shave November – For all those who’ve been given the gift of good facial hair, now is your time to shine.

Thumbs Down

Running into your professor in the Bathroom – Back in elementary, middle, and even high school, running into our teachers outside of the classroom was one strange encounter. In elementary school, it was all about the fact that our teachers were actual people who did real things. In high school, we had to figure out whether  we should engage in awkward, quick small talk in the middle of the supermarket, just trying to get away as soon as we could. But now in college, we have the horribly awkward possibility of running into our professors in the bathroom, which is far stranger than anything we had to face before. It’s you and your teacher in the bathroom, next to each other at the urinals or in the stalls: Is there anything more uncomfortable? Do you still talk to them as you both go to wash your hands? There is no etiquette for these kinds of things.

Realizing your back flap is open – You’re not crazy, right? But picture how you must look to someone walking by you early in the morning, as you clutch a cup of coffee and have a backpack with a flap left open. There’s nothing that could make you look more lost and confused. You get to the library and put your stuff down, just to see such a clear indication that you’ve lost control of your life to the point that you can’t even remember to pull a zipper a couple of inches.

Outlets in Bapst – First floor Bapst is littered with confining desks that allow you to zone in and focus on what you need to study—but how are you supposed to study when you can’t even keep your computer charged? The Bapst outlets don’t work, and it feels as if they’ve gotten even worse during our time here. It’s one thing if the light doesn’t turn on. It’s another when we’re dragging our stuff desk to desk, trying to see if any one of the outlets is going to give our laptop a charge, and to find that it won’t. How long is fixing this going to take, Boston College? Honestly, we’d take a fix of this over more flat screens being added to Eagles. We don’t mind picking what we’re going to eat for lunch on a tinnier or less high definition screen—we do mind not being able to use the chargers in a place where we’re trying to learn.

Not getting invited places where your friends are – It’s 2 a.m. You and your friends are lying bed thinking about ordering pizza, and then you look at Snapchat and realize that the other half of your squad—the half that didn’t respond to your group chat—is all together at one squadmates apartment. So you send a few texts. They say, “Come over, where are you?” You say, “Where?” And that’s when you realize you weren’t invited. And everyone is hanging out without you. Not even your cheesy bread can save you from the emptiness inside.

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