BC Football Isn’t Good, So Here Are Pictures Of A Very Cute Baby

There isn’t much of a reason to go to BC football games anymore. There’s no offense. There’s no breakout star quarterback to keep our hopes alive. Most of our players worth watching are snapping limbs and hitting their heads, leaving us to hang our own in imminent defeat every weekend. The defense is the only thing remotely close to on-field entertainment and even that just isn’t enough to lift our fans’ spirits.

But last weekend, Alumni Stadium was graced with the presence of something that made us all forget about our poor showing on the turf. If you turned your heads instead to the stands, it wasn’t hard to spot a cute baby in a monkey costume.



It doesn’t even matter that this baby is a Virginia Tech fan.



Cute babies are the best reasons to go to BC sporting events right now. So rock on, monkey baby—hopefully you’re also a fan of NC State.

Featured Image by Drew Hoo / Heights Editor

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