The West Takes Over East Coast Fashion

Here on the East Coast, we certainly have a fall dress code to which we adhere. As soon as the leaves change, Boston College students whip out their Patagonia vests, J. Crew Utility jackets, and L.L Bean boots (which were backordered by 100,000 pairs, as of early this fall). Newbies from the West, however, are changing the game this season and bringing a new carefree vibe to fashion on campus.

Laguna Beach native, Jenny Morton, LSOE ’19, is one of the few responsible for this season’s easygoing, west coast style at BC this semester. When asked how to describe her style in her first few months on the East Coast, she quickly responded with a laugh. “California meets real weather,” she said. Though she has never truly experienced fall, she certainly knows how to rock this season’s trends. Her go-to fall item? The flannel. “It’s oversized, soft, easy to throw on in a rush, and I love the colors,” Morton said.

Nirvana would be proud. This season, flannels have made a popular reappearance. Everyone from Beyonce to Khloe Kardashian to calculus professors have been sporting them, which goes to show that you don’t have to be in a ’90s rock band to pull of this look (though Pearl Jam arguably deserves credit for bringing flannels into the style scene).

Drawing inspiration from back home, Morton let her flannel hang loose in a very laid-back manner. “In Laguna Beach, everyone dresses very relaxed,” she said. “Most people just wear shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. It’s a very minimal, beachy vibe.”



James Clark, CSOM ’19, another fellow West-Coaster, agrees with Morton. Although from Los Angeles, Clark shares Morton’s effortless yet put-together personal style. When some students come to BC, they feel the need to conform to the popular trends on campus. Clark, however, has stayed true to himself. When asked if he changed the way he dressed when he came to BC, he immediately responded, “No, I’ve always had a casual preppy style.” Dressed in Primark, Clarke kept things simple and wore a pair of slightly-cuffed blue jeans and a long sleeve striped T-shirt. He added a simple, gray pea coat to deal with the chilly fall winds. It was the perfect mix of California casual meets Boston preppy.



Hailing from sunny San Diego, Makenna Cavanaugh, MCAS ‘19, brings her free-spirited style to Boston. In flowy gaucho pants and a cardigan, Cavanaugh hurries to class in her “noticeably Californian” style, as she would describe. Soaking up the last bit of sun left, she passed up the go-to riding boots and went with sandals for a very boho-chic look. Like the majority of us, she’s holding on to the warm weather as long as she can.

Though not on the coast, Megan Jennings, CSOM ’19, notices some differences between fashion in her hometown, Jackson, Wyo., and at BC. “Here I see a lot more Vineyard Vines,” Jennings said. “Guys dress a lot nicer.”

Since temperatures in Jackson can be just as frigid as they are here, she feels fully prepared for the weather to come. “I really like corduroys,” Jennings said. “They are so cozy and warm, plus Urban Outfitters has them in the best fall colors. I have these in black, too.”

As freshmen from the West learn to adapt to the East Coast culture, BC students are starting to mimic styles brought from the other side of the country. Slowly but surely, students are pulling away from the conventional buttoned-up “BC fashion” and embracing the fall-casual of their western peers.

Featured Images By Madison Semarjian / Heights Staff