Girl Challenges Cam Atkinson to Score a Goal for a Dog, He Gets a Hat Trick

UPDATE — Feb. 15, 2016 6:51 p.m.:

Just about three weeks since we last heard from Maddie Wright:

You gotta love guys that follow through. Cam sure does (dog Cam).


For her 9th birthday, Columbus Blue Jackets fan Maddie Wright wanted a dog. Her dad had yet to cave in, but he made her a compromise: She could pick a player to score in the Blue Jackets’ game against the Canadiens on Friday night, and if that player scored, he’d get her a dog.

So she chose No. 13—Cam Atkinson, a member of Boston College hockey for three seasons from 2008-11—and brought a sign to the game to cheer him on.

Atkinson notably led the NCAA with 30 goals in 2009-10 and had scored 13 goals thus far in the 2015-16 season, though he wasn’t the leading scorer on the Blue Jackets.

But he scored last night. Three times.

If that wasn’t enough, according to the Blue Jackets’ website, Atkinson decided to get the dog for the family, and anything else it needs to get its newest member settled in. Apparently he did have one condition:

This was the second “goal-for-puppy” in as many nights, as Senators winger Bobby Ryan helped out a couple kids himself on Sunday.

It’s an awesome trend for the NHL, and also for kids looking to get something their parents didn’t really want to buy them. Be careful, parents: your kids are probably better at betting than you think they are, and if you don’t deliver they can plead their case on social media and inevitably get the sympathy of a rich stars somewhere. Even if it seems like a sure bet—like, say, Stephen Gostowski making an extra point—you’d better be prepared to follow through.

Fortunately for Maddie, it seems like her dad is keeping his word.


Featured Image by Paul Vernon / AP Photo