Dropkick Murphys, Battle of the Bands, and BCDE This Weekend in the Arts

Acoustics Spring Invitational

(Saturday at 7p.m.)

Gasson 305 is your destination for an exciting a cappella performance. In addition to the Acoustics’ set, the show will feature songs from the Common Tones and the Stonehill College Surround Sound.



(Opens Friday)

This fast-paced, post-apocalyptic adventure is the first of two films to chronicle the final book in the popular Divergent series. The film focuses on Tris and Four’s brave venture outside city limits in valiant attempts at saving humanity.


Battle of the Bands

(Friday at 9 p.m.)

Head to Middle Campus this weekend to hear the musical stylings of BC bands and solo artists like Matt Michienzie, Sixtowns, and Small Talk. The highly anticipated competition will be held this Friday in The Rat.


BCDE Presents: ‘Roulette’

(Friday at 6:30 p.m.)

The Boston College Dance Ensemble presents Roulette, a dazzling showcase of various genres of dance. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Campus School. Purchase your tickets before they sell out!


Bostonians Spring Cafe

(Saturday at 7 p.m.)

The popular a cappella crew will perform a free concert in McGuinn 121 this weekend. Get there early to grab a seat and hear the group’s entire repertoire, in addition to new debuts.


Dropkick Murphy’s

(Friday at 6 p.m.)

Get into the St. Patrick’s day spirit on Friday with a performance by the Dropkick Murphy’s at House of Blues. As part of their weekend-long St. Paddy’s Day Tour, the music group will play fan favorites all night long.



(Friday at 10 p.m.)

Get your tickets for this high-energy performance from the popular BC Band. Head to the Paramount Theater this weekend to hear Juice play inventive covers and original music.


‘Miracles From Heaven’

(Now Playing)

In this stirring new drama, Jennifer Garner stars as a concerned mother desperate to save her incurably ill daughter. When the young girl begins to show miraculous signs of recovery after suffering a traumatic injury, doctors everywhere are baffled.

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