All the Ireland Headlines We Wanted to Write for BC Football, But Didn’t

We could have published a lot of headlines to describe Boston College football’s loss to Georgia Tech in Ireland on Saturday.

We could have described the collective sadness, anger, disappointment, and all the other emotions felt by all BC fans with a million different words.

Unfortunately, we had to pick one (we went with “Last Minute Eire-rs.”) It was a pretty good one, too. But the others are too good to keep under wraps.

Here’s the best of what we came up with — the headlines we wanted to publish, but couldn’t.

Aer Dingus

cc: The New York Post

Irish Coffin

This one was my personal favorite, and if I had my way it would have been plastered front and center on every paper we printed last night. But alas, I do not have my way. Neither did the Eagles against Georgia Tech.

Cuckolded and Muscled

“Cockles and Mussels” is the best Irish folk song, and it’s not really close. It’s got fun lyrics that are easy to remember and it’s an A+ singalong song. Molly Malone—a fictional character, mind you—has a statue in Ireland. That’s how much this song means to those people. Of all people, I get it.

Celtic Crossed

Ramblin’ Wrecked

Up in the Aer

Irish Goodbye

Putting the Ire in Ireland

The Heights, The Heights are Calling

Where the Birds Have No Wins

Everybody loves U2, especially when their song titles lend themselves to applicable puns to describe your anger towards another heartbreaking BC football loss on a national stage.

But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (a Win)

More U2!! Man, that Bono is such a great songwriter.

Sting of Defeat


Marooned and No Gold

Reign Blow

The Dublin Project

The Belfast Project.’ Yeah, another famous BC failure.

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