Trainor Delves into Dark Realm of Substance Abuse in “Better”


Last Thursday, Meghan Trainor released the music video to her song “Better,” featuring Yo Gotti. Instead of being the fun, bubbly, and carefree video that all of us are used to from Trainor, it’s extremely dark and meaningful.

The video begins in a jail, where Trainor’s grandfather, played by Beau Bridges, is being released. He calls her and demands that she pick him up. From their tones and appearances, it seems as if this scenario has occurred several times in the past. On their way back home, Trainor’s grandfather claims that he needs more pills, and when she replies by saying that she just recently bought them, it becomes clear that the grandfather is addicted to some unidentified drug and that his addiction has poisoned their relationship.

When the music begins, we see that Trainor plays the role of a hairdresser, who lives with her substance-abusing grandfather. From passing out in a bathroom to fighting with his granddaughter at home, the grandfather lives a life revolving around alcohol and drugs, and Trainor is the one who is always forced to care for him. The entire video centers around the lyric “I deserve better,” as the granddaughter constantly has to put up with the grandfather’s careless actions.

Toward the end of the video, the grandfather begins to understand his mistakes, and he decides to give Trainor a present, an old photo of them together. Before she even really has the chance to appreciate his gift, however, the grandfather is arrested and sent back to jail again.

Though it is uncertain if this video is based off of Trainor’s personal experiences, her acting in the video is impressive. It may not be as cheerful as some expect from Trainor, but nonetheless, “Better” is attention-grabbing and will undoubtedly become viral in the near future.

Featured Image By Epic Records