DNCE Says ‘Be Mean,’ Little Mix Says ‘Nothing Else Matters,’ and More in Singles This Week

Vaults, “One Day I’ll Fly Away”


Vaults merge profound introspection with classical instrumentation in “One Day I’ll Fly Away,” venturing into the realm of haunting mysticism. Lead vocalist Blythe Pepino’s warm, emotionally stirring lyrics and light piano accompaniment, coalesced with string splendor, build into an epic musical and lyrical peak.

Little Mix, “Nothing Else Matters”


“Nothing Else Matters” pivots from the promiscuity typical in today’s pop and offers a fresh revival of a deeper kind of love. Lifted by a playful techno beat and chipper snapping, Little Mix’s harmonies, albeit generic, create an enjoyable anthem preaching how “nothing else matters like us.”


DNCE, “Be Mean”


“Be Mean” channels DNCE’s retro-pop vibes once again, forming a cheeky, cheesy new hit for the youthful rock band. Electric guitar enlivens smoky vocals from Joe Jonas and equally provocative lyrics, including “Torture me all night,” to fuel a punchy desire for flirtation and lustful torment.


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