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Mentha × piperita – Each winter, children rejoice at the prospect of snowfall, which brings promises of sledding, snowball fights, and school cancellations. In their childhood craze they stay up late, only retiring to bed once they’ve done an elaborate snow dance, and their pajamas have been turned inside out. Upon awakening, they rush to the window, hoping to witness their backyard covered in the white powder that indicates a day of fun and carelessness. Some children, on the other hand, feel excitement during the winter season about other things. Many have a strong affinity for the sugary treat of hot chocolate, or the world’s favorite holiday, when Saint Nick decides to pay every house a visit. I, on the other hand, love the wintertime for a different reason: peppermint. The most succulent mint of all, peppermint is a staple of my childhood memories of the winter. Peppermint chocolate, peppermint cookies, peppermint milkshakes. I’d eat peppermint with just about anything and everything. And I still do. As the snow falls and I sip my peppermint mocha, attempting to topple mountains of work, the powerful flavor of this hybrid plant still reminds me of simpler times, revealing perhaps that I am not as grown up as I pretend to be.

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Who Raised You – The girl sat next to the freshman, enjoying a bag of chips as they both waited impatiently for their delayed train. The crowded station was eerily quiet, as weary travelers sat awkwardly together in the highly-limited seating area. Without hesitation, the girl to the freshman’s left removed another chip from the bag, and boisterously began to chew, her mouth gaping open. The audible crunching of the chip cut through the peaceful atmosphere, and the freshman couldn’t help but feel a wave of exasperation come over her. How could someone be so obnoxious? To make matters worse, chip girl was now looking directly at her, peering deep into her eyes, gazing at her soul, as she smacked her lips together loudly. Discontentment erupted inside the freshman like a volcano, and she tried desperately to keep her cool, turning her attention to the contents of her phone. Only, just then, chip girl threw another morsel into her mouth and scooted closer, proceeding then to chew vehemently and uncomfortably close to the freshman’s ear. Unable to control her passions any longer, the freshman rose swiftly and snatched the bag of chips from the girl’s hand. She sprinted out to the train platform, and tossed the bag between a pair of rapidly closing doors. The freshman stood triumphantly as she watched the train pull out of the station, the device of her madness aboard, and never to be seen again.

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