Bublé Attest to a Timeless, Dynamic Love in ‘I Believe in You’ Video

Michael Bublé’s “I Believe in You” music video recycles the growing-up-on-camera trope while retaining a fresh and fun attitude toward the subject.

As the video opens, the viewer sees two children, a boy and a girl, playing. The boy presents the girl with flowers while he rests in a tree. Jumping down from the tree, the boy changes into an adolescent along with the girl. The video then depicts the pair growing closer and more intimate. With each transition, the boy presents the girl with more flowers. In one particular scene, the two enter a new home after their wedding, with the bride clutching a full bouquet.

The video progresses to the inside as the couple begins to unpack boxes, until they erupt into a fun and hearty dance as Bublé breaks into the chorus. Full of twirls and youthful vitality, the dance is a manifestation of their energy and love for one another, which will contrasts nicely with later images within the video. Bublé’s verses, like “I believe in good things coming back to you” and more broadly, “I believe in you” are representative of the couple’s investment to each other, attributable to the foundation of love on which the couple built their lives—from childhood to the present.

Flowing through more rounds of aging, children, and other difficulties, the video presents a positive, if imbalanced, view of life: mostly good with some hardship.

The video ends with the couple, now aged, sitting before their mantle as the man gives the woman the flowers he had amassed for her throughout their lives. Connecting this image with visuals of their various stages of life symbolizes the power of such love, still compelling despite their now-aged bodies. Internally, they remain as the young boy and girl, the dancing couple, and wistful parents.

Bublé’s song pairs nicely with the video accompaniment and offers some touching commentary on the life and how the ardor of love weathers with the passage time.

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