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Fantastic Imitation – Sometimes, being a copycat is okay. This is especially true when it means Mac decides to make actual edible food for a change. Eataly Night at Mac was a definite success. Conversations between students raving about the quality of their Italian dinners could be heard throughout the dining hall and Upper Campus alike. Perhaps one of the best indications of the culinary experiment’s achievement was the relatively even spread of students between the multiple food lines. On any other given night, a single food station tends to be designated as the “best” option, and thus its line grows considerably longer than any other. Some nights, students abandon the variable food options all together, opting for a dry chicken breast and rice for the third time that week. Saving students the trip on the T to the Prudential Center by bringing Eataly to campus was a great idea, and I hope that Mac will continue to present students with new and exciting food choices.

Being Almost There – The days are winding down. The discussion of travel plans dominates everyday conversation. The libraries are filled to capacity with students studying for the plethora of exams that professors confusingly decided to schedule right before break, when motivation is at an all-time low. Soon, dorms will be emptied, packed trains will depart, and captains will turn on the fasten-seat-belt sign for take-off. Hang in there.

Runnin’ On – I am here to show you that, despite what you may already believe, it is easy to write an excessively long sentence that is, in more ways than one, completely indisputably and without a doubt, absolutely grammatically correct and relatively easy to comprehend despite the multitude of clauses, adjectives, and unnecessary words that make up the majority of its body, included because the purpose of this part of the section is to demonstrate to you that such a feat as is currently being carried out before your very eyes is undeniably possible.

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Weird Acronyms – The acronym “GOAT,” meaning “greatest of all time,” has become widely used, both in conversation and on social media in emoji form. The reappropriation of this term, however, as “WOAT,” is a concerning trend. The goat, a popular, double-horned domesticated mammal, is obviously a tangible organism that walks the earth, making the first acronym funny. A “woat,” however, is evidently an awkward pairing of syllables that represents no actual existence of anything. Not all acronyms have to spell real words, but ones worth using all the time in verbal communication probably should.

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