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A New Experience – If someone came to you, and asked you to get on a bus full of people you’ve never met, to drive through the night to a place you’ve never been, only to stay in a place you’ve never seen, and to do things you’ve never been asked to do, would you? Probably not. But this Spring Break, hundreds of Boston College students did, and go ahead and ask any of them how their experience on Appalachia was. You’ll probably find a common theme: they loved it. It’s one thing to give up one’s vacation time in order to serve others, but it’s totally another to do so with a group of strangers, and far away from the luxury of Chestnut Hill. Nonetheless, hundreds of eager Eagles climbed aboard a row of Academy coaches lining the street in front of Corcoran Commons one morning, unaware of the perspective-changing experience on which they were about to embark. Though the marks of paint and stains from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on our clothes will fade, the memories made and bonds formed on our trips won’t. As the Eagles returned home by land and air, a formerly silent ride transformed into a graduation party. Final reflections became buzzing family reunions of groups of students that had awkwardly avoided eye contact at meetings only a month or so prior. If you’re free on Sunday nights, do yourself a favor and drop in to Eagle’s Nest next year. You won’t regret it.

A Day of Procrastination – Students were again fortunate enough to have a day off of school. In an appropriate fashion, a freshman who was president of his high school’s drama club ran out of his hall on Tuesday morning and fell to his knees in the middle of the snowfall. “STELLA!,” he screamed, in true cinematic agony. He thought he was hilarious.

Thumbs Down

Not Being Irish – On Friday, Boston College’s Irish heritage will erupt in full force, spilling waves of green all over campus and the city of Boston. Those caught in the wake of this celebration will be inevitably swept away in the ensuing festivities, dawning clever t-shirts and raising their BAC until the sun comes up the next day. For some of us, however, the awesomeness of St. Patrick’s Day is short lived. Many of us only get to embody the carefree and fun attitude of the Irish for a single day. We can sing along to the lyrics of Ed Sheeran’s “Galway Girl,” but in reality, we will never experience a magical night in a pub on Ireland’s western coast. We can whistle the tune of the upbeat fiddle, and try to imitate the chanting at the song’s end, but really, we’re all just imposters, wishing we could be as fun as we pretend to be on March 17 every other day of the year.

Slippin’ and Slidin’ – Although summertime feels far away, students slipped and stumbled through BC’s treacherous campus today as if they were trying to walk intoxicated on an inflatable water toy in July. Tuesday night’s freezing temperatures turned students’ commute to their 9 a.m. classes into a comedic spectacle in which those without proper footwear could be seen falling over themselves along every sidewalk and walkway. Many waddled like penguins down the ramp by Mac, doing everything in their power to not eat pavement on their way to their lecture. Maybe a little more salt next time, BC.

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