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Where Has This Been All My Life – I was recently made aware of the existence of perhaps the most useful kind of punctuation mark the world has ever known. The interrobang, denoted ‽, is the combination of a question mark and an exclamation point, and it is amazing. In fact, it is an absolute tragedy that it is not more widely used. Just think, the next time you want to say, “What the [insert profanity of choice]!?!?,” you could simply use the interrobang, and make your angry texts far less cluttered. Throw it in one of your future essays and make your know-it-all professor have to actually Google something for once. Text it to your parents when you ask them why they cancelled your credit card hooked up to their bank account, and they’ll be sure to reactivate it in a jiffy.

It’s Almost Over – Freshman year is an experience. To come out of your hometown high school on top the world, only to arrive on Boston College’s campus and be subjugated to dirt by seniors at the doors of Mods, is a humbling yet strengthening journey. Only little time remains in this inaugural year, and while it feels as though the weeks flew by, it also seems as though someone should be handing me a diploma. Such is the nature of so much happening in a relatively short period of time. While the time feels short as all the events of this year blur together, their impact remains profound and felt in full effect to the equivalency of seemingly a lifetime. The future only promises more to come.

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Selling Out – Sometimes, the cliché narrative of popular musicians selling the soul of their artistry to rise to the top of the charts becomes far too evident to ignore. The Chainsmokers have enjoyed considerable fame lately, selling out shows around the world and sitting comfortably atop multiple Billboard lists for months on end. Just when it seems like one of their hit songs is about to die out, they put out something new with impeccable timing, and the public latches onto it with astounding quickness and attention. The duo has figured out the magical formula, with each song differing from the last just enough to keep their listeners on their toes. With predictable yet relatable lyrics and catchy synths, the Chainsmokers crank out track after track that people everywhere keep on repeat on Spotify for an uncanny amount of time. By now, your grandmother probably knows the words to “Closer.” Just the other day, The Chainsmokers released their debut album, and I have to say, as someone who has been following their music for a long time, I was entirely disappointed. Not only did the music lack variety, but it conformed painfully to the simplistic and expected trends of the mainstream, leaving little room for the uniqueness that used to set The Chainsmokers apart from everyone else. They’ve come a long way from their SoundCloud days, that is certain. But ever since their ascent to prominence, they’ve time and time again sacrificed making good music for ensuring their songs will get endless plays on the radio, and this is saddening.

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