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When Eagles Fly Together – Boston College is a diverse school. This is an indisputable fact, but it hasn’t always been. As the University’s identity continues to evolve, such that us current students are fortunate enough to receive an education surrounded by peers and professors from all different races, backgrounds, and sexualities, challenges and opposition will inevitably present themselves. Social change is gradual. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. But it is also a collective effort, and so when issues arise within an institution, it is important that its diverse members come together and offer their empathy and support. The BC community has demonstrated that it is capable of such solidarity in the past, and this week, it showed again what it truly means to be “men and women for others.” Change is incremental, but we’re getting there.

More Than A Game – In today’s world, professional athletes aren’t just competitors, they’re celebrities too. And with being a celebrity comes great responsibility. We’ve got a POTUS today who isn’t too fond of a lot of celebrities, especially when they use their platforms to speak out against him. So when the cheeto-in-chief decided to uninvite one of the NBA’s most prominent stars from the White House, many of the players in the league responded with confusion, and showed courage in calling out the ridiculousness afoot. He was never planning on visiting the White House anyway. How can you retract an invitation that’s already been refused? Just one more question to add to the list of a million that I have for the angry man down in D.C.

Thumbs Down

The Big Switch – It is every freshman’s dream to end up on Lower Campus during their sophomore year, among the rest of their upperclassmen peers. College Road might as well be Boston University, and Greycliff a magical, Narnia-like land that no one is sure really exists. But what they don’t tell you, what lies beneath the facade, is having to eat in Lower Dining Hall. People have mixed feelings about Lower, and I will concede that it is nice to often see my friends from all different grades when I go to eat. But, in reality, Lower is a jungle. If you want to eat dinner at a regular time, sorry, you’re out of luck, the lines are already extending out to Comm. Ave. Want something other than a steak and cheese? Best of luck with whatever sort of random cuisine they choose to serve on any given day, better hope it’s not all fried or full of salt. But oh, you say you want a steak and cheese? Have fun waiting for an hour. I’m on the Comm. Ave. bus. I’m going to Chipotle.

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