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Thumbs Up

The collaboration of two musical geniusesA.k.a. Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” remix. Ed’s lyrical brilliance accompanied by Beyoncé’s angelic vocals create a euphoric sound that will transport any listener to his or her happy place. There are no other performers today who could create a more perfect union of musical flawlessness. I’m not saying they should get married, but more heavenly sounds have yet to emerge from any other beings. The acoustic instruments, the choir, the harmonies, the raw emotion—it gets me every time. Beyoncé has been claiming a stake alongside other talented lyricists lately (i.e. Eminem), and my ears—and my thumbs—approve.

When other people are uncomfortable – Yes, I’m sorry, I’m one of those people. I find a sliver of pleasure in other people’s pain. Sue me. I’m not talking about some exponentially detrimental kind of discomfort. I appreciate the little things, like a minor faceplant or an awkward interaction with that one kid you had that one class with that one time. If you acknowledge a personal connection to this semi-acceptable flaw, I appreciate you. If not, stop lying to yourself.

Thumbs Down

The end of Harry Potter Weekend – Live television is dying. No longer does joy come from lounging on the couch and flipping through channels until you eventually settle for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Now, joy claims its place among the company of on-demand streaming networks, like Netflix and Hulu. You abandon Guy and the bliss of Flavortown and binge the newest Netflix original series before you settle for a show with eight seasons you’ve watched three times already. Alas, rumor has it that the infamous Freeform—formerly the glorious ABC Family—is feeding into the viewer’s existential crisis by cancelling the only good thing they had going for them anymore, Harry Potter Weekend. Cue the hysterics: sobbing children, burning bridges, wreaked havoc. The world as we know it is ending, and no one is mentioning it. I mean, apparently HBO gained the rights to start airing the movies in January, but still.

A Royal Engagement, a Lowly Disappointment My future has never been more uncertain. Prince Harry, otherwise known as Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales, is, unfortunately, engaged. Despite the difficulty of absorbing such tragic news, I have since gathered enough composure to hold traditional mourning services due to this dire event (catch me wearing all black for the rest of my life). If only I heeded the wise instructions of the ominous “they” so that I may no longer remain an ignorant youth of a generation too dependant on such easy acquisition of fame—they did always tell me not to put all my eggs into one basket. Alas, maybe this is a girl thing, or maybe it’s just a me thing. Either way, this engagement isn’t a good thing.

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