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Thumbs Up

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood – The Great British Baking Show is arguably the greatest show in the world. I can’t think of any other television program that encompasses a similar combination of camaraderie and competition, teamwork and tension, hope and harrow. Part of this perfect balance is embodied in the harmonious and skillful judgements of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Ignoring the fact that both of their names sound ridiculously fictional, their respective baking expertises complement each other when judging the bakers’ plates. As a team they instill security and doubt among the contestants throughout the challenges, encouraging and testing the bakers with each remark.

Netflix’s selection of stand-up comedians – I can’t say that I’m an expert on stand-up comedians一in fact, I have a limited knowledge about the comedic scene as a whole. I have seen both of Chris D’Elia’s shows multiple times and will continue to watch them because he is absolutely hysterical. I also enjoy John Mulaney because he embodies the spirit of an old man in a young, fragilely scrawny body. I take a lot of pride in the fact that he’s from Chicago and went to my high school. Thus, I’ve enjoyed all two of the comedians I’ve watched from Netflix’s selection. That’s a 100 percent success rate. 2/2 would recommend.

Thumbs Down

Accidentally pulling out eyelashesIt’s 2:30 p.m. on a Monday, so logically you’re ready to fall asleep. You vigorously try to rub the sleep out of your eyes but along with it comes a handful of eyelashes. As you stare at the fallen soldiers lying in the palm of your hand because of your own carelessness, your mind frantically considers the gravity of this situation: sure, it’s only a few eyelashes now, but before you know it you’ll only have three left. You don’t know how long it takes them to grow back, and at the rate your semester is going already, you’re going to be rubbing a lot of sleep out of your eyes.

Unknown illnesses It’s only the first week back, so how could you possibly get sick? Right? Wrong. This place is a hotbed for contagious illnesses. College is not a place for wellness and a thriving immune system一college is where the boundaries of health are tested as bacteria festers in the unclean crevices of the dorm that you “cleaned” yesterday. Then when it does happen, when you finally get sick, you wonder how you could’ve let yourself get this pathetic and why it’s always you that’s targeted by the pitfalls of fate. Then your toothbrush falls on the floor for the third time this week, and you rinse it quickly before you cover the bristles with Crest Pro-Health.

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