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Thumbs Up

Going to the movies by yourself – I don’t think people give this enough of a chance: Going to the movies by yourself is an enlightening experience and an underrated occurrence that many folks do not respect. The freedom that comes with being alone at the movies parallels absolutely nothing that I have yet to experience in my life. Completely alone, I went to the West Newton Cinema yesterday to see a movie at 10:30 a.m.—I also give a hearty thumbs up to matinee shows because of the cheaper ticket prices and the elderly crowd that tends to go to the movies in the morning—and enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere of a theater filled with people that wouldn’t be asking me to explain the parts they missed because they stopped paying attention for five minutes. If you find it necessary to purchase snacks at the theater despite the fact that they’re overpriced, you can buy any snacks you want without worrying about your cheap movie-going companion. People might say independence comes when you go to college, or move out of your parents’ house, or buy your own car. I think these people are wrong: True freedom is only achievable once you’ve gone to the movies alone.

Thumbs Down

Big groups of people in small spaces – @plexapalooza. I’m more unsatisfied with the crowd than the event itself. I just don’t understand why people actually want to be in such close proximity to so many people at one time. In all honesty, there was absolutely no reason for so many people to have been near the front of the stage—there was more than enough extra space in the back where absolutely no one stood. I understand that many people do enjoy the atmosphere of general admission concerts, but they can enjoy it without being on top of the people around them. The crowd’s hot, it’s uncomfortable, the people around you will step on your toes, your arms can’t move from your sides but they’re also probably pressed against someone else’s gross, sweaty body. I’m not the kind of person that enjoys physical contact of any sort, so when I’m surrounded by seven strangers who are all involuntarily touching me, I feel strongly inclined to flee immediately. Life in general would be significantly more agreeable if everyone was required to stay approximately a foot away from others at all times.

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