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Thumbs Up

Warm socks – Male or female, socks that are impervious to the precipitation and winds that bombard us daily here on the frozen tundra we call Boston College are the most vital part of my existence. You think a scarf is warm? Wear some comfy, fluffy socks and discover what it’s like to not be walking on ice cubes for the first time in your life. You think wearing boots is all you’ve got to do? I disagree, a warm pair of socks brightens any day, no matter how miserable Boston weather can be. I feel more confident because I’m literally defeating Mother Nature with every step I take. What’s the only way to gain a superpower? I’d argue warm socks. Our feet are one of the most underrated extremities, and when we take care of them, we’re setting a warmer precedent for the rest of our body to follow. When my feet are cold, for whatever reason it’s that much harder for me to convince the rest of my body to warm up. The point is buy warmer socks—you can afford the extra two dollars, I promise it’s an investment worth making.

Thumbs Down

Sickness – So it turns out every single person in this forsaken wasteland we call Boston College is sick now. Classes I used to enjoy listening to lectures in are now just a cacophony of coughs, sniffles, and sneezes. Does anybody go here and not get sick within a month of starting the spring semester? I’ve never seen a campus go from being so beautiful—Hogwarts and new grass and whatnot—to so gross and disgusting—people are throwing up in Bapst! That place is like a museum!—so suddenly. Take some medicine people, it can’t hurt. Maybe stay in for like one Friday night and sleep in Saturday morning. If you show up to a party sick as a dog where 2000 people are packed into one room in a mod, all 2,000,000,000,000 of us are going to get sick and die from the flu. Oh, you think the flu can’t kill you? Guess what, it’s 2018, ANYTHING can kill you. I heard one girl got the sniffles from her boyfriend and wasn’t seen for 15 years. Don’t be the person that disappears for 15 years because you didn’t wash your hands after your significant other asked you to pass them a mozzarella stick.

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