Rachel Bozsik Talks Careers in Fashion on BGxCollege Tour

Rachel Bozsik

The Fashion Club of Boston College hosted an energizing and empowering talk by The Brand Girls founder and CEO Rachel Bozsik. Bozsik and The Brand Girls company have been featured in publications including Teen Vogue, Glamour, and the Huffington Post. BC was one stop on the BGxCollege Tour: The Brand Girls’s venture to raise up college women in the working world. The BGxCollege Tour helps to inspire over 10,000 college women around the country. Veronica Gordo, vice president of the Fashion Club and MCAS ’20, explained the reason for hosting Bozsik specifically.

“Bozsik is a champion for young women who are focused on their future careers and need the skills and tools to make it happen,” Gordo said. “She has so many connections with the fashion industry and her networking abilities have really excelled in that realm.”

Students and Fashion Club members were greeted by Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” and a slideshow featuring brand names like MTV, American Eagle Outfitters, Google, and L’Oréal. As an introductory activity, the audience was asked to close its eyes and imagine the interview for their dream job or internship. One might imagine a sleek, glass-paneled hallway, large doors, and the intimidating question, “Why should we hire you?”

This question, according to Bozsik, is the at heart of what it takes to land your dream job. The Brand Girls company seeks to help college women trying to answer this question by increasing what Bozsik calls “personal brand confidence.” Personal brand confidence requires understanding and communicating your unique professional strengths that will set you apart from other job applicants. Gordo, who is a former Heights editor, emphasized the importance of this part of the event.

“The most important thing Bozsik talked about was confidence,” Gordo said. “She made it clear that what separates girls who get their dream jobs and those who don’t are their confidence levels and how they present themselves.”

Throughout the event, Bozsik explained the mission of The Brand Girls and the types of women involved in the program. The Brand Girls helps girls who usually fit into one of two categories: those who are entirely positive of their dream job, or those who are unsure of their focus. Both categories find unparalleled support and resources from The Brand Girls.

Bozsik showed an inspiring and impressive slideshow of the current jobs and internships held by women who have worked with her company—landing spots included E!, Louis Vuitton, MTV, Morgan Stanley, Disney Weddings, Google, and Columbia Medical Center.

According to Bozsik, the common thread between these women and their dream jobs, which may be a step to even greater goals, is confidence. Bozsik shared that women underestimate their ability up to four times as much as men, so The Brand Girls provide a resource for establishing certainty and determination in their career paths.

The Brand Girls believe in the motto “Everything is figureoutable” (Marie Ferelo), and increase empowerment by giving their mentees its resources. This support system includes a resume-crafting workshop, a cover letter lesson, and learning how to define your brand statements.

The event then moved on to a discussion about the quite elusive and intimidating idea of networking. Networking is a crucial element of searching for a job or internship, so a crucial element of Bozsik’s talk was to explain the significance of networking, as well as how her company is available as a support system. Bozsik stressed that 80 percent of opportunities come from networking, acknowledging that while this is indeed an intimidating number, there are ways to increase your confidence in this area.

The Brand Girls is what Bozsik called a “professional sisterhood” that includes a Facebook group brimming with professional opportunities and networking connections. Bozsik and other coaches at the company work closely with intern websites and foster a community of support and increased opportunity.

Toward the end of the event, Bozsik introduced another activity: having audience members write down their dream internship—be it editing for Vogue, lifestyle blogging, coding, or cooking professionally. Audience members were then instructed to write down three measures they think they might have to take to achieve their professional dreams. These might include interning, networking, or perfecting one’s resume and CV.

The three elements that Bozsik prioritized are brand confidence, email etiquette, and networking. Bozsik emphasized the importance of one’s “brand library,” a collection of consistent buzzwords that describe your professional identity. These might include “visionary,” “deliberate,” or “coordinator,” to name a few.

The audience was then shown a few examples of exemplary resumes, each tailored to a specific job or field. According to Bozsik, the perfect resume includes buzzwords, specificity, and concrete numbers or statistics. In addition, the perfect resume must be accompanied by a well-crafted email, a skill Bozsik discussed and emphasized through examples.

Audience members were then given templates and samples of exceptionally efficient email styles and were encouraged to use these in their professional dialogues. The email styles worked to once again promote what The Brand Girls call “professional confidence” and made for a fitting end to the program. The emails showcased the kind of support and networking skill that The Brand Girls seek to encourage in young professional women.

Bozsik closed the program by outlining the kinds of resources that are available through The Brand Girls, once again emphasizing the tips, tricks, and strategies that go into earning one’s dream job. She poignantly noted that “change is a choice,” adding a final note of encouragement to an empowering and energizing talk.

“There’s no limit to what you can reach if you challenge yourself,” Gordo said.

Featured Image by Kaitlin Meeks / Photo Editor