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Espresso – I would have ceased to exist long ago if I hadn’t taken up drinking single shots of espresso at 1 p.m. in order to make it through my afternoon classes. There are few things as undeniably tempting as that afternoon exhaustion that threatens to overtake your eyes while you sit in a lecture about Socrates or marginal costs or literally anything at all because this drowsiness does not care what you’re learning about—it just wants to take you down between approximately 1:13 p.m. and 2:37 p.m., or during the bulk of your afternoon classes.

Vance Joy’s new album – I hate to be pathetic and say that this album was my primary source of joy (pun not intended, but I appreciate it) over the weekend, but it probably was. Vance Joy had been releasing singles every Friday from the album for a couple of weeks hyping up the release of Nation of Two. I do think it’s necessary to say that his songs don’t vary tremendously, so if you don’t usually like his music, you probably won’t like his new album. Even his most upbeat track on the album—probably “Lay It On Me”— is made up of primarily acoustic instruments. The addition of a horn section, however, really brings up the mood. Still, I find his acoustic and mellow melodies comfortable and easy to listen to. If anything, it’s a good album to listen to if you just want to lay in the sun writing something only three people (including yourself) are probably going to read.


Thumbs Down

There are only 24 hours in a day – Every time I talk to my grandpa on the phone, he asks me how many extra hours I could use that day. He jokes, but I would be significantly less stressed all of the time if I had a few more hours to get everything done. I think 10 additional hours would be ideal—use the original 24 to do work well and those additional hours just for sleep—but three is probably sufficient. Or even if we could just round it up to 25, I would graciously accept an extra hour.

Booking your own flight – Remember when your mom handled all of your travel plans, and you didn’t have to do anything other than pack a bag and get on a plane? Those were the times. Now, when I go home for break or visit my sister, I have to do all of that myself. I still don’t trust myself to type credit card information correctly on the first try—why should I be able to book a flight, check in the day before, and get to the airport with only sporadic email reminders from the airline to “book a hotel!” before I leave.

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