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When your professors cancel class before BC calls the snow day – We all knew for a while that we weren’t going to have school on Tuesday. Every other university in Boston had called off school hours before Boston College, but we really enjoy the suspense so it’s totally fine that BC waited until the last possible moment to announce its closure. Maybe, though, you were lucky, and you have a professor (or a few, if you’re really #blessed) sent straight from God who actually canceled your classes before 9:52 p.m. because some people have souls and care about your safety but mostly their own—what rational human being was about to drive in that blizzard? Maybe you wouldn’t have gone to class anyway. Or maybe you would’ve had to go because you’ve missed too many of your Tuesday classes already, and your grade has already dropped a letter grade or—more likely—two. I wish I could say that I am one of those fortunate students who chose professors with compassion, but, alas, I am not.


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When your professor reschedules class – Even if your professor didn’t email you before BC did, school was cancelled. Snow Day Calculator gave it a 99 percent chance specifically for BC—it was basically guaranteed. So, joy—classes were canceled and school was shut down. But what happens when your professor sends you a survey to find a time when all of the students in the class are free so that he can reschedule class? The best you can hope for is that there’s no singular time when everyone’s free. At that point, though, your misfortune is so obtrusive that that would be highly unlikely. This monster—I mean professor—lets you take the day off. But can you really enjoy two-foot mounds of snow when you know in the back of your mind that you have an extra class later this week? Maybe you can. But, when you do have this class instead of a free hour to watch a handful of episodes of whatever show you’re catching up on, you’ll be completely overcome with resentment.

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