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Easter Break – I know this is a given, but think about it for a second. Some schools don’t get any days off around Easter, and that’s really tragic. We take advantage of this wonderful thing we have. Because we are a Catholic university, Easter Break is expected, but imagine the rest of the spring semester without it: we (at least I) would be hopelessly stuck in a never-ending stream of exams and papers and would probably go insane. It’s a nice weekend to relax, spend time with your family, and bring home half of the stuff that you have at school and don’t actually use but keep here just in case. But even if you’re not going home, it’s just a helpful break before the end of the year even though it’s only been two and a half weeks since Spring Break, and that’s an oddly short amount of time to be back at school. Easter Break is just a glorified five-day weekend, but we could also take it as compensation for the fact that we don’t have Fall Break (although we are getting an extra day off next semester so BC can call Columbus Day weekend “Fall Break”—take that as you will). Ignoring the fact that some schools have both Fall and Easter Break, think about the schools that don’t have either (Northeastern).

Thumbs Down

Nor’easters that don’t happen – Nothing can kill your spirit quite like a fake snowstorm. The potential for a snow day really lifts everyone’s spirit and immensely contributes to a atmosphere of hopeful camaraderie, but when absolutely nothing happens, it feels like a punch to the gut. I think the worst part was that meteorologists consistently predicted that the storm would hit Boston, but it never came. They said it would start Wednesday afternoon—it didn’t. They said it would start at midnight—it didn’t. They said a lot of things that they obviously didn’t mean. Who can even trust meteorologists anymore? No one has ever let me down so much (last week). I can’t think of anything that happened that excited me more than the snowstorm and possibility for a snow day, and I know that nothing disappointed me as much as the utter miscalculation of the storm’s path. It complete ripped everyone’s happiness away after it created so much hope. I guess the weather gods are completely against us after they let us have that one snow day during the last Nor’easter.

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