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Zac Efron at the Marathon – Dylan Efron, 26, ran the Boston Marathon in 2:57:50. Brother of film star Zac Efron (High School Musical, 17 Again, and many more classics of the 21st century), Dylan was greeted by family and friends at the finish line. In a video Zac posted on Instagram with really funky background music, you can see Dylan, drenched and panting, make his way over to hug his supporters. I’m greatly impressed that he ran the marathon, and even more impressed that he ran it in under three hours (rumor has it that he trained in high altitude—strategery), but I’m almost more taken aback by the fact that Zac Efron was at the marathon. I was also at the marathon. Thus, by means of the associative property, I was in the same place as Zac Efron (give or take five miles). He’s no longer the type of celebrity that people frantically follow around, so I think I’m in a state of shock about the fact that he still, you know, does things. Still, I’ll probably never again be able to say that I was in such close proximity to Zac Efron, so I think I’ll settle with feeling a lot of contentment because he was in Boston. Plus, his brother ran the marathon, which is pretty cool. They belong to an extraordinary family.

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Not Seeing Zac Efron at the Marathon – Self-explanatory, but sad nonetheless. If you were blissfully unaware, as most of us were, you likely did not see Zac Efron at the Marathon. Because why would you go all the way to the finish line other than to see him? And that would be creepy. So that was probably a good call.

There are No Chase ATMs in Boston – My apologies. There are two. But no actual Chase banks that one could physically walk into. One of them, the only one that I’ve ever seen (so we can’t really know if the other one even exists) is at Boston Logan International Airport, in terminal A, around gate 20. You see, I know this precise information because every time I fly home from Boston Logan, I depart from a gate around there, which also happens to be exceptionally far from security. The other, apparently (i.e. according to Google), is in the North End somewhere. I think I go to Boston Logan more than I go to the North End. When there is a possibility that I may need to withdraw money for some potential future purchase somewhere that only accepts cash, I end up entirely too paranoid as I carry wads of cash from the airport to my room, where I stash it in a “safe” place and feel like a pimp, or a drug dealer, or some other thug profiting from illicit cash-only deals.

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