Fashion Club Spring Show Features LF, Barbour, and Taest

Fashion Club

On Friday, the Fashion Club of Boston College hosted its annual spring fashion show. Before the show, guests were welcomed into the warmly lit foyer of the McMullen Museum of Art for refreshments, information about the featured designers, and a raffle for an exquisite Daniel Wellington watch. The museum buzzed with excitement and chatter before the show, with techno music thrumming just behind closed doors.

The show took place in the Daley Family Gallery, framed by the bright and colorful landscape paintings of Cao Jun’s Hymn to Nature exhibition. The crowd, a mix of students and family members, was arranged in two rows, forming a runway. There was an enormous turnout for the event, with all seats being filled and students even standing at the back during the show. There was clearly a huge amount of excitement for the work put in by the Fashion Club, the models, and the brands. Works of art, including a large and ornate vase, sat atop the columns dividing the rows of chairs, which made for a gorgeous backdrop for the show.

The fashion show featured collections by three brands: LF Stores, Barbour, and Taest Collective. These brands differed greatly in the types of pieces they showcased, but not in the quality and sophistication of their work. Fifteen models, all BC students, showcased a diverse range of pieces from the brands. DJ Svrge—Sergio Farina, MCAS ’20—provided music for the event, so that models strutted to upbeat music like Miguel’s “Pineapple Skies” and The Weeknd.  

LF Stores, described as “cutting-edge” and “innovative” by the Fashion Club’s president, Anastasia Greer, MCAS ’20, was the first brand seen by the audience. The pieces ranged from all-camouflage—a favorite of Greer, who explained that masculine cuts are very “in” this spring/summer season—to pastel and beach-ready looks. There were two of each look, and models walked first individually and then in tandem. Each model exuded confidence walking down the runway, greeted with applause and snapping cameras as they showed off the pieces.

The next set of looks shifted the show from cutting-edge to classic, as the Fashion Club exhibited looks from British brand Barbour. Barbour creates products for men, women, and children, but the looks showcased at the fashion show were just men’s. Seven male models, greeted with whistles and cheers, showed off the famous Barbour wax cotton jacket. The quilted heritage jacket, coming in earthy green, brown, and black, was styled with khakis and jeans, showing the brand’s both classic and functional appeal. One could definitely see these coats fitting seamlessly into quintessential BC style, and the audience could tell.

The final collection was by the Taest Collective, a brand specialized in formal dress. The Taest Collective is wholly unique in its approach to shopping for formal wear—it does not include retail markup in their sales, so its gowns are comparatively more inexpensive. Not only that, but the Taest Collective also donates one dress to a disadvantaged person—usually a high-schooler for whom a prom dress is slightly over-budget—for every 10 dresses sold. The models showcased eight stunning dresses, ranging from traditionally feminine to vintage-inspired to more geometric pieces. One crowd favorite was a dramatic baby blue dress, intricately structured with a beaded texture.

At the end of the show, all 15 models made a final walk up and down the runway. The difference between the types of pieces was on full display—the Fashion Club’s goal of showcasing dynamic and stunning pieces for all occasions was a clear success. The members of the Fashion Club each made a short speech at the end, thanking the dedication shown by both the brands and the models, as well as the audience and DJ Svrge. The winner of the raffle was also announced, with one student and one family member winning a watch and a bag from the brands.

Greer was excited about the show and its growth, explaining how when they started, they had one to two brands, and now they are up to three. With every passing year, she hopes, the Fashion Club “will be building the show more and more.”

Featured Image by Tiger Tao / Heights Staff