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Thumbs Up

Voicemails – (Disclaimer: I’m not talking about the kind of voicemail that your dad leaves angrily when he sees that you’ve ordered $300 worth of very useful items like a projector and an expert level sudoku book that you obviously need on his Amazon account. Nor am I talking about the voicemails that your grandma leaves, when she says “Hi, call me back,” followed by 75 minutes of dishwashing because she forgot to hang up the phone. That leaves only about 5 percent of voicemails that are worthwhile. But when you get to re-listen to your five-year-old cousin tell you how much he missed you when you left for school freshman year, and you can embarrass your friend from home with the voicemail she left you one night when her inhibitions were quite low, some voicemails certainly make up for the crappy majority.)

Emails – You’ve got emails from stores you’ve ordered something from once, subscriptions from magazines and newspapers that you signed up for to pretend that you read the news, useful emails from Boston College  that tell you about things you care about, annoying emails from BC that tell you about things you don’t care about, and important emails you actually have to read that you leave unread for five days because you really don’t want to read it. And they all go to different addresses. But hey, at least you’re getting notifications.

AIM – message me @ bballstar0002198!


Thumbs Down

Talking on the Phone – I understand that it’s a much more efficient way to speak to someone. Make plans. Get information. Communicate with someone without actually being with them. But those people who call you “just to chat” are the exact people that can truly ruin my day. Completely. It’s easy to multitask when you’re talking on the phone because when you can’t actually see the other person’s face, there’s a much greater chance you aren’t actually paying attention to what they’re saying. Any phone call longer than 90 seconds is stupid and should be prevented by all phone companies.

Super Long Texts – Sending and receiving them. They’re awful. If you can’t see all of the message without having to scroll, know that no one is reading it. Odds are, no one cares about it anyway, but if you really have to share something in that many words and you can’t say it in person, it would even be better to say it over a phone call. As long as you can say it in 90 seconds.

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