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Thumbs Up

Dessert for Breakfast – Cake? Ice cream? Brownies? At 9 a.m.? Count me in. Why restrict yourself to “normal” or “healthy” foods for your first meal? Start your day off on the right foot and fill your body with sugar. You’ll never have as huge of an energy rush (and then as steep of a crash later in the day) as you do when you eat dessert for breakfast—that much sugar goes straight to your bloodstream when you haven’t eaten anything in at least 12 hours.

Oxford Comma – Very much necessary. Always. Lists are infinitely clearer with the Oxford comma and infinitely more confusing without it. The ambiguity that comes with a list that lacks an Oxford comma isn’t worth it AT ALL.

Beluga Whales – Arguably the most amazing underwater creature in the world, even considering that up to 95 percent of species in the ocean have not been discovered. They may not be exceptionally beautiful or graceful compared to other sea animals, but they really are awesome. Their bulbous heads, unusually pigmented skin, and (notice the Oxford comma) overall happy demeanors contribute to their undeniable uniqueness and beauty compared to other sea creatures.

Thumbs Down

Unanticipated Extreme Heat – It’s starting to get cold out there. The temperature has been getting as low as 34 degrees. As a logical, reasonable, normal human being, you’re probably also bringing out your fall and winter clothes, i.e. sweaters, boots, jackets, scarves, and the like. These are objectively the best kinds of clothes, but here’s the problem: People love to crank the heat up so high that, when you walk into any building wearing seasonally appropriate clothing, you will immediately become drenched in sweat. So enjoy that.

Losing All Motivation in the Middle of the Semester – There’s nothing worse than realizing that you still have two months left of a semester while you’re slowly suffocating underneath the immense pile of work that you, for some reason, continue to avoid. Midterms can really take all of the spirit out of you. The productivity train is out of steam, and you’re barely halfway to your destination. SOS.

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