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Thumbs Up

Tea – Tea saved my life this week. With sickness plus midterms plus my killer procrastination skills, every night needed at least one mug of tea, often more. I might have had to do a lot of dishes then, but it was worth it. It’s relaxing for a stressed mind, it’s soothing on a sick body. You get the best of both worlds (wya Hannah Montana). The best solution for overwhelming distress is probably tea (probably not, but it definitely helps).

When They Sell Water Bottles in Lower – If you’re the type of person who has so many extra dollars on your meal plan at the end of a semester but you don’t have enough friends to buy meals for, this is a dream. You get this nice BC water bottle that’s trying to be a S’well but isn’t actually, and you get to use your stupid dining hall money to buy it. Sorry if you’re already running low on your funds. This doesn’t really apply to you. Don’t worry, though, I’ve got a thumbs down about Lower for you below.

Thumbs Down

The coffee lids in Lower – They do their job, for a little. But when that singular drop of coffee weasels its way through the supposedly secure cup-lid seal, your entire day becomes significantly worse because you have to walk around with one or two drips of coffee on your shirt for the rest of the day. Fundamentally, this is a flaw that really makes it so that Lower’s coffee lids don’t quite meet the definition of a lid. But they also make the coffee taste like plastic. Since it’s so ungodly hot, something happens to the plastic so that it somehow transfers its awful and probably toxic essence into the drink you need to survive.

Nascar – It’s loud. It’s obnoxious. It’s dangerous. But fundamentally, it’s literally just a bunch of cars driving around in circles really fast. Sure, I bet that’s really hard. There are a lot of cars, and they’re all trying to be the first one, and it’s easy to lose control when you’re driving so fast. But there’s nothing enjoyable about that. It’s only interesting during the last 10 seconds of a close race, or when something bad happens. But that’s terrible to say because the drivers can get seriously injured if something goes wrong. They should just make it like Mario Kart. That’d be fun to watch.

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