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Previews – Arguably the best part of any movie-going experience. Don’t tell me you don’t get a rush of excitement when you watch a trailer on a huge screen in a dark theater with a bucket of popcorn in your lap and a Coke Icee in your hand for a movie that you know you’ll absolutely love. If you don’t enjoy the cinematic genius of a preview, or the building anticipation for a new movie that looks so good, then why do you go to the movies? Why not just wait for the movie to come out on DVD, or Netflix, or whatever streaming service you enjoy most?

Pop Punk – Easily the only way to successfully handle your pent up teen angst. Don’t deny that you still have it, I mean we all grew up during a time when it was cool to be angsty (icons include: Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, or Simple Plan. I could go on.). People forget about the influence of these classic 2000s pop punk bands on their childhoods. Don’t hide from your past.

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November Calendar Pictures – routinely the worst image used out of all of the months. Always. And you might not have ever noticed this, because to most people, November might be kind of an irrelevant month. But it’s not. It’s important. In the penultimate month of the year, we have so many important landmarks: the nicest fall weather, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Cyber Monday, Election Day. Calendars need to show November the respect it deserves.

Christmas Music Before Thanksgiving – I love Christmas music. I do believe that it’s the most effective way to get in the Christmas spirit. But you can’t start to get into the Christmas spirit before another legitimate holiday. Not to mention that Christmas songs aren’t creative. At all. You’re listening to the same 30 (or so) songs, they’re just performed by different artists. It gets really old really fast, and if you don’t admit that you’re lying to yourself.

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