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Self-Titled Albums Oftentimes, it’s an artist’s first album. If it’s not, it probably marks some dramatic change in their sound. They’re the albums that you remember—people only ever remember other album titles if it’s a truly fantastic set of songs, and even then, it’s not a given. But self-titled albums are usually an artist’s best, anyway. Some examples include: Eric Clapton, Hozier, The Beatles (the white album), Shawn Mendes, Queen, Taylor Swift, The Lumineers, Hannah Montana, Prince, Los Lonely Boys, KONGOS, Fleetwood Mac, Tracy Chapman, and James Taylor.

Quirky Holiday Traditions – Walking into my aunt and uncle’s house Thanksgiving day, you’ll see at least 40 people waiting in line to fill their plates, not with turkey or stuffing or mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes or whatever else normal people eat on Thanksgiving. You’ll see them walking away from the food carrying plates piled high with lasagna. Not that we don’t have that other stuff, too, but everyone distinctly looks forward to the one day a year that my aunt makes that layer-y, cheesy goodness.

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The Monday and Tuesday Before Thanksgiving Break – Having school these two days is pointless and genuinely illogical for students, especially those who don’t live within driving distance from school. Flights are significantly more expensive the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so students who don’t want to drop $500 on a four-day trip back home either 1. Leave a few days before and miss all of their classes, 2. Buy the stupidly expensive tickets anyway and lose a large sum of money, or 3. Don’t go home for break and spend a lonely Thanksgiving on an empty and desolate campus.

The Price of Planners – For something that can only be used one particular year, planners and calendars are unreasonably expensive. Sure, some of them are pretty and have really intricate organizational features—like habit charts, hidden pockets, sticker pages, and online resources that show you how to best utilize the planner (I don’t understand, either)—but to spend $40 on an object that can only be used for a very specific period of time is, to put it elegantly, stupid.

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