Sexual Chocolate Steps it Up at Big Show

Big Show

Sexual Chocolate’s highly-anticipated Big Show kicked off with a healthy dose of intrigue. After a video introducing the men of Sexual Chocolate, the audience was treated to a clip featuring the members discussing a mysterious incident that had occurred at their fictional Catholic high school.

Light flooded the stage as the men of Sexual Chocolate, dressed in sweatpants and t-shirts, chatted about who they were planning on bringing to the school’s upcoming winter formal. The lighthearted gym class scene was made especially entertaining by an inept gym teacher and a student who was adamantly trying to convince the other guys that his sock puppet girlfriend was real.

The comical atmosphere suddenly shifted focus, as the members of Sexual Chocolate stood to attention before breaking out into dance. At first they were accompanied by hip-hop music, but it soon disappeared, the silence filled by the rhythmic claps, stomps, and chants of the dancers.

At the formal, one member became concerned that the girls weren’t having a good time, but the others brushed him off and collectively went in for a kiss with their respective dates, only for the girls to suddenly vanish into thin air.

This strange occurrence led the men of Sexual Chocolate on a silly, step-filled journey to discover what happened to their dates. After turning to the police, hacking into security footage, asking for help from Apple store employees and JC Penny salespeople, and sneaking into the girls’ locker room, the guys finally discovered the culprit among their own ranks. But the real shocker is the fact that the girls left of their own accord. One of them (Djanan Kernizan, MCAS ’19) went on to explain that they wanted the guys to experience life without them because the girls felt that they were taken for granted. Her monologue drew passionate cheers of support from the mainly female audience.

As the stage faded to black, a video of the group thanking the audience for attending played. The audience began to tentatively applaud, but suddenly a second video began to play that assured the audience that the show wasn’t over.

The crowd erupted into cheers as sultry R&B music began to play and the members of Sexual Chocolate reappeared on stage. In front of a bright crimson backdrop, they performed a seductive routine using chairs as props. A stream of girls from the audience then met them on stage and settled into the chairs as the members of Sexual Chocolate began a strip tease and gave lap dances to their respective ladies.

By the end of the show, the audience was in a swooning frenzy. The Big Show was a perfect pre-Valentine’s Day celebration. Although the skits were goofy, the message behind them was clear: Appreciate your loved ones. Yet again, Sexual Chocolate lived up to its name.

Featured Image by Maggie DiPatri / Heights Editor