‘Dinner and Diatribes,’ ‘Please Me,’ and More in New Singles


“Dinner and Diatribes” – Hozier

The latest single from Hozier’s upcoming album Wasteland, Baby! “Dinner and Diatribes” aptly brings the same reckless energy summed up by the album’s title. A relentless, twangy guitar is the backbone of the track, working with a stomping beat to create momentum. The mood represents a new direction for Hozier, which has previously found a niche in introspective, down-tempo ballads.

In “Dinner and Diatribes,” though, the musician is rambling and impulsive, antsy to be alone with his lover. The soaring chorus is laden with choir-style vocals as Hozier hollers “That’s the kind of love / I’ve been dreaming of.” The bridge finds Hozier back in familiar territory, with a more subdued and lofty atmosphere. The interplay between these two moods, mindless lust and something holier, shows that Hozier is capable of exploring new voices without coming off as inauthentic or tasteless.

“Please Me” – Cardi B & Bruno Mars

Cardi B and Bruno Mars first teamed up in “Finesse,” a fun homage to ’90s hip-hop, complete with a music video shot in what seems to be the set of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. With “Please Me,” the duo has time traveled to the present, where Cardi is very much in her element. A heavy trap beat dominates while Cardi spits risqué rhymes, playing the not-so-subtle coquette driving Mars crazy. Mars does his job well enough, providing a somewhat catchy chorus—still, it’s Cardi who steals the spotlight.

“Valentino” – Years & Years, MNEK

Released on Feb. 14, “Valentino” isn’t the love song it appears to be. Over a peppy beat and rhythmic strummed guitar à la “Bills Bills Bills,” Olly Alexander of Years & Years and MNEK turn out to be jilted lovers both seduced by the eponymous Valentino. Alexander’s airy, deft falsetto is the cherry on top of this sugary sweet break-up song.

Featured Image by Kaylie Ramirez / Heights Editor