Trio of BC Professors Displays Jazz Chops

Sharp 11th

Room 100 in Gasson Hall, when used for concerts, is almost exclusively scored by classical music composed by long-dead musicians from centuries past. But there are a few times that Gasson 100 changes its tune, and the Friday afternoon of Arts Fest 2019 was one of them.

For half an hour, the space was transformed into a laid-back jazz club, patronized by a few people sitting far apart from each other, enjoying the music as an individual or a couple at the very most.

Two thirds of the jazz trio, Sharp 11th, were performing original pieces. On saxophone was Peter Clote and on piano was Ned Rosen, professors from the Boston College Biology and Mathematics Departments, respectively.

This performance was, unsurprisingly, all about the music. So much about the music in fact, that the only words spoken by way of introduction or audience address were these by Rosen:

“These are all original pieces,” Rosen said. “We’re gonna try to get through as many as we can in the short time we have so we’re not gonna say anything about them except this.”

And with that, the two players continued to play colorful notes in infectious rhythms.

The music, from piece to piece, section to section, swam between fast and slow, harsh and soft, somber and exalting. Jazz music is often ridiculed for its bastions like Kenny G, but the genre has a vast ocean of inspirations like Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis that the two players appeared to draw from.

By the event’s conclusion, the audience’s modest attendance had been greatly bolstered. The smooth rhythms had drawn nearby pedestrians in for a cup of hot coffee and an afternoon dose of jazz music.

Featured Image by Celine Lim / Heights Editor

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