Logan Airport Announces New Pickup Location for Rideshare Users

The way you get in and out of Boston Logan Airport is about to change. The airport will soon require its passengers using a rideshare app to wait at a new pickup location in the Central Parking Garage starting Oct. 28, which connects all three terminals at the airport. The location for drop-offs will also change to Central Parking in December, as will the added fees for rideshare drop-offs and the discount for shared rides.

The plan was proposed in March and approved in April, and signs have been placed throughout the airport to let passengers know about the upcoming modification.

“We want to provide a better experience for all of our customers, and we think this plan achieves that goal,” said Lisa Wieland, Massport’s CEO, in a press release.

Logan will be taking a multi-step approach in order to make the change smoother for customers and drivers. The implementation process takes just over a month and will begin on Oct. 28.

Passengers arriving in Terminal A or C will go to Central Parking to be picked up from their rideshare app. Terminal A and C consist of Delta, West Jet, JetBlue, Aer Lingus, Silver Airways, Cape Air and TAP departures. Passengers will continue to be dropped off at the terminal curb for departures.

On Nov. 4, the second part of the plan begins. At that time, all passengers arriving in Terminals B or E will be required to move to Central Parking as well. Terminals B and E include American Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Boutique Air, as well as all international flights.

The third part of the plan will require drivers to drop off their passengers at the lower level terminal curbs of the airport if they arrive between 4 and 10 a.m. This will take place on Nov. 11.

The final phase of the plan occurs on Dec. 9. This will move all rideshare app drop offs to Central Parking, unless they arrive between 4 and 10 a.m. 

The new pick-up area in Central Parking is weather-protected and safer, and is expected to decrease congestion and shorten wait times for passengers, according to the press release. It includes an ADA compliant design with protection against weather elements, in addition to more space for passengers, and a rematch service, the press release says. 

The rematch service will allow a driver dropping off a passenger to then be able to pick up a different passenger much more quickly. 

More changes within the next few years are expected.

“Our end goal is to make the travel experience easier than ever,” the press release says. “We call our commitment Logan Forward.”

Featured Image by Jonathan Ye / Heights Editor