Established in 1919 as Boston College’s student newspaper, The Heights has been both editorially and financially independent from the University since 1971. The Heights serves the students, faculty, and staff of the Boston College community, as well as our neighbors in Chestnut Hill, Newton, and the Allston-Brighton area.

The Heights is published by The Heights, Inc., a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit in the state of Massachusetts, and is printed on Mondays throughout the academic year. All print-edition content is posted at; the website is also updated with online-only and breaking stories throughout the week.

The offices of The Heights are located on Boston College’s campus. You can find us at:

The Heights
113 McElroy Commons
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Where to find The Heights

Print copies of The Heights can be found in Corcoran Commons, McElroy Hall, Welch Dining Hall, in most major academic buildings and residential halls, on Newton and Brighton Campuses, and in distribution boxes on Commonwealth Ave and Beacon Street. Annual subscriptions are available for $80. To have The Heights delivered to your home each week or to report distribution problems on campus, contact our general manager at [email protected].

Copyright Information

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All text, photos, graphics, and other content are property of The Heights and may not be reproduced without permission of the editor-in-chief.

Corrections Policy

The Heights strives to provide its readers with complete, accurate, and balanced information. If you believe we have made a reporting error, have information that requires a clarification or correction, or have questions about The Heights’ standards and practices, you may contact the editor-in-chief at [email protected].

Editorial Resources

News Tips: Have a news tip or an idea for a story? Email [email protected]. To request coverage of future events, contact the news editor with a detailed description of the event, including appropriate contact information.

Sports Coverage: Email the sports editor at [email protected] with information or questions related to Boston College athletics.

Arts Events: The Heights covers art events both on- and off-campus, including concerts, movies, theatrical performances, and more. For more information or to request coverage of future events, email [email protected].

Local News: The metro section of The Heights looks beyond Boston College’s campus to the City of Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods. If you have an idea for a story or a suggestion for event coverage, contact the metro editor at [email protected]

Feature Stories: The Heights is always looking for people from the Boston College community who are doing important or interesting work, or have stories they want told. If you would like your story told, or if you’d like to nominate an employee, professor, or student at Boston College to be featured, email [email protected]

Letters to the Editor: The Heights serves as a forum for discussion and debate, and to that end, submissions to the op-ed pages are always welcome. Letters to the Editor should not exceed 400 words, and op-ed columns should not exceed 700 words. The Heights reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity, brevity, accuracy, and to prevent libel. The Heights also reserves the right to write headlines and choose illustrations to accompany pieces submitted to the newspaper.

Submissions must be signed and should include the author’s connection to Boston College and current contact information. Letters and columns can be submitted online, by email to [email protected], in person, or by mail. Anonymous submissions are discouraged and are less likely to be published. Contact the opinions editor or the editor-in-chief with questions or concerns.