Acting Out

“You couldn’t get any further away [from lacrosse]. It was a direct, complete 180. And people looked at me like I had two heads—but I did it. And I just decided I was going to be an actor,” Del Negro said. […]

robert ambrose

Ambrosia for the Ears

“I’m in music because I like to connect to people. And that’s the vehicle through which I do it. … It’s the connections that I’ve been able to have, the heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections with so many people that comes from really great music-making that is what drove me to it and what keeps me inspired,” Ambrose said. […]

jude aboukhater

Future Veterinarian Aboukhater Flees Aleppo, Interns in Belize

“I do always think I want to at some point go back home and help in any way possible. Never live there again, I would say, because I believe that history repeats itself, and I don’t want to have my children or grandchildren go through what I went through—but definitely go back and help and give back, because I got something from there that’s a huge part of me,” said Jude Aboukhater, MCAS ’20. […]