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The Sabia Effect

“There’s never been a time where it’s been this easy for someone to think of something from their brain, translate it from their eyes to their hands, shoot something, make something, and express themselves.” Joe Sabia, BC ’06, said. “It’s never been easier for people to do it, but it’s also never been harder to stand out.” […]


The Midas Touch

Erik Weihenmayer, BC ’99, lost his sight when he turned 13—since then, he’s become one of the most accomplished athletes in the world: He’s completed the Seven Summits, climbed technically challenging icefaces around the world, solo kayaked the Grand Canyon, and penned two books. But more notable than his standing at the top of Everest and Kilimanjaro, he’s created a formula for helping others brush past adversity and summit their fears. […]

2018 Momentum Awards

The Frisson in the Air

“I didn’t see, during that period of time, a real push for considerations of equality from the Catholic Church,” Copeland said. “And sadly, I still don’t see that today … We don’t have any substantive response from our bishops about the deleterious racial situation we’re living in.” […]


El Camino Largo

“I was walking through the desert like a zombie,” Edgar Lopez, MCAS ’21, said of his long trek to give himself a chance at life, away from the corruption of politics and flesh in indigenous Guatemala. […]