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Seeing the Other: BC’s Road to Change

“Until undergraduates in Students for Sexual Health and the Pro-Life Club can hang banners next to each other on O’Neill Plaza, host a joint panel event, and retire to dorm spaces where they routinely interact, we can’t say that BC has unlocked the true potential of its diversity.” […]


We Need Student Debt Reform

“Good information on the total debt taken on by students and their families can protect prospective students from predatory private-lending practices and offer a clearer picture of what their total debt will most likely look like by graduation.” […]

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Why Student Interest Groups Can’t Win

Come this time of year, there will almost inevitably be some snarky opinion piece remarking on the futility of the incompetence of UGBC. Of course, we should be critical of our student leaders whenever necessary, but I also think it’s worth considering how many vested University interests stand to benefit from the belief that our student organizations are simply incompetent, and student advocacy only really ever touches on superficial problems. […]

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The Effects of BC Exceptionalism

To “Eradicate Boston College Racism,” as the campus’s most recent wave of student activism has urged us to do, demands we investigate the very architecture of a BC education. This certainly extends to policy and curriculum decisions made at the top, but it does not stop there. […]