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Newton Judge Rejects Plea Deal, Criminal Charges Remain

“Much as she might have wanted to get rid of the case, she could not admit to something she does not believe to be true,” said Francis Herrmann, S.J., a professor at Boston College Law School, in an email to The Heights. “If, however, the US Attorney’s offer would not have required her to make an admission of guilt, it is harder to understand why she turned down the offer. Perhaps she wants the authoritative voice of a jury of citizens to declare to the public that she is not guilty.” […]

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Newton Judge Indicted for Allegedly Obstructing ICE

A Newton judge, Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, was indicted yesterday on an obstruction of justice charge for allegedly helping a man escape from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at the Newton courthouse last year. A court officer, Wesley MacGregor, who has retired since the alleged incident, was also charged with obstruction of justice and an additional charge of perjury. […]