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New York Times Published Study Has BC Among Nation’s Wealthiest

The Upshot, a data and analytics blog run by The New York Times, published a study on Wednesday night that maps financial data at American colleges and universities. Boston College students reportedly have a median family income of $194,100, ranking 21st out of 65 elite colleges, and 70 percent of students come from the top


BC Hockey

In Defense of the Superfans

Despite a packed crowd of students at the recent men’s hockey game against Boston University, the Superfans were criticized and called “apathetic.” In reality, the student section at hockey games is very passionate.


New AADS Professor Hires Indicate Progress

“For a University that designed its honors program around the ‘Western Cultural Tradition,’ working to grow programs and departments that educate students outside of the traditional canon represents a commitment to becoming a more inclusive and diverse institution.”