Students Balance Style And Sophistication For Internship Fair

Earnestiena Cheng, CSOM ’15

Style: Business casual

Stores of choice: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor. “They have really good sales. I got this dress for like 12 bucks!”

Balancing work and play: “I like business casual because you can get more color and play with more patterns and designs. Business professional is more simple, with blacks and whites, but you can’t have as much fun with that style.”

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Riley Coleman, CSOM ’15

Style: Clean and understated. “I don’t try to wear anything too flashy. You can be obnoxious if you dress with a super nice suit and bright colors.”

Store of choice: Brooks Brothers

Advice on dressing professionally: “Make sure everything fits well.”

Kristin Rayburn, A&S ’15

Style: Comfortable prep. “During my summer internship, I wore what was most comfortable, because it’s important for an eight-hour workday. It should be comfy, cute, and appropriate for the workplace.”

Store of choice: J.Crew

Advice on dressing for an internship: “Dress conservatively. Even if you have a great personal style, if you’re wearing low-cut shirts or short skirts, it’s just not appropriate.”

Olivia Ciardi, A&S ’14

Style: Classic with an edge. “I like to have a pop of color, or a stud-something to make it stand out and a little different.”

Stores of choice: Gap for pants and tops, along with department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Lord and Taylor

Advice on dressing for an interview: “Dress  confidently. Don’t wear something you’re not comfortable in, because it will show.”

John Lee, CSOM ’15

Style: Professional with a slim fit

Store of choice: Theory (for suits)

Most important tip to remember: “Just try to look neat, and don’t forget your blazer.”

Abigail Diamond, LSOE ’15

Style: Relaxed with a hint of color. “I try to do color, like my shoes right now, but I try to be a little more neutral for the job.”

Stores of choice: J.Crew, Banana Republic, Madewell

How she incorporates her style into professional wear: “Since I’m in teaching, it’s not as structured as some other businesses. I like to wear dresses, and I do a lot of stripes and polka dots.”

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