LTE: BC Made Right Decision On Campus School

The Campus School Volunteers would like to take this opportunity to thank Father Leahy and his administration for hearing the students, parents, faculty, and volunteers of the Campus School, and offering us the chance to not only keep it at Boston College but also strengthen it into the best program possible. The Campus School has been a staple of the BC community, and I believe that we can do even more to help these students grow as members of our University. As I have often said before, our volunteers benefit infinitely more from our relationships with these students than we can ever offer them. In my opinion, there is no better example of the Jesuit ideals than in the work done at the Campus School. These students challenge us in our everyday lives to think beyond ourselves, and find meaning in something greater.

In collecting and reading letters from each volunteer, the same message came through-the Campus School has made a difference in the BC community. Everyone who has been touched by some element of the Campus School shares in the belief that it is a place that epitomizes the values of BC, and creates men and women for others. It is difficult, and maybe even impossible, to adequately express what the students of the Campus School mean to us, but there is no doubting the inspiration felt there everyday.

When I heard about the potential closing, I began to think about what the Campus School has meant to me over my four years at BC. I thought about the first time I met my buddy, Phillip, and how I have had the chance to watch him grow and see his personality change. I thought about putting together Semi-Formals each spring, and cheering for the students as they made their way into the celebration. I thought about the friendships I have made with other BC students, who have equally benefited from knowing the power of the Campus School. I thought of all these things and realized just how much our University would lose without the Campus School.

I also realized how blessed I was to have found this place, because in many ways I had never had to think about my life without the Campus School before. I had become so accustomed to the Campus School being a part of my college experience, and I just assumed it would be there forever. The thought of it closing was a reality check, and showed me just how much more the Campus School has meant to me than I had ever realized. To think that future Eagles would go through their four years without even knowing the existence of this school was so difficult to fathom.

That is why the Campus School Volunteers would like to thank BC for giving us this chance to make ourselves better. We not only want the Campus School to get by at BC, but we want it to soar to new heights and thrive here. You have given us this opportunity, and we will make the most of it. We would love nothing more than for future generations of Eagles to share in this experience. Words cannot express the gratefulness we share as a community, not only for giving us this opportunity, but also for helping us to truly recognize the inspiration that the Campus School has offered each and every one of us here at BC.

Chris Marino
Co-President, Campus School Volunteers
A&S ’14


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