Avicii Modernizes Classic Bonnie and Clyde Tale With New Video

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In his music video for “Addicted to You,” directed by Sebastian Ringler, Avicii takes us back instead of his usual forward. Set against the snow banks of a mountain, Avicii and Ringler drop us in an old tale with a new twist. It’s Bonnie and Clyde-only with two Bonnies played with flair by Hedda Steirnstedt and Madeleine Martin.

The video is one of contrast. Pop song set against old-timey title lettering. A classic tale swapped out for a more modern, lesbian-leaning interpretation. For the most part, it all works. The vibrant visuals match the song’s excitable pitches. The vocals by the soulful Audra Mae match the intimacy between our two female leads. When the drums kick in at the minute mark, you’ve bought in. You’re along for the flashing, quick-cutting ride, although you probably know exactly where it’s going given the overt Bonnie and Clyde reference.

When the video goes where we know it’s going (a shootout), we feel something-sadness, anger, or something of the sort-but not much of something. Despite the catchy tune and stunning visuals, it all feels rushed, and it’s easy to rush a three and a half minute music video. Avicii and Ringler almost have to, but that doesn’t make the video’s eventual ending less abrupt. Maybe that’s the idea: to make the audience feel cut off in some way just like the two feisty sirens in “Addicted to You.”

“Addicted to You” is worth the price of admission-a 15 second ad on YouTube. It’s a bright, flashing  piece of eye candy that’s quite enjoyable for the first three or so minutes.


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